Bradbury Mountain Residency: A pocket residency in Pownal, Maine

Bradbury Mountain Residency aims to give artists time and space to  nurture discrete, pocket-sized, place-specific projects. Nestled against the woods, in the crook of Bradbury Mountain, which stands an imposing 485' high, the house offers 1300 square feet of living and working space, as well as quick access to the Bradbury Mountain trails (and countless other trails in the area). Studio space is limited, so residents should plan on crafting projects that face outwards to the landscapes and townscapes of Southern Maine. 


The residency can host between one and three artists at a time: artists are welcome to submit proposals as individuals or as a group of up to three. The duration of the residency is similarly flexible: stays can be between 4 and 8 weeks. At the end of each residency, the residency will open its doors to the public in an open studio, accompanied by other, project-specific programming. 


The residency will welcome its first resident artists in Fall, 2024. In the meantime, please write to us at with inquiries.